About Advance Homes


When we told friends and family that we were building a home, so many of them warned us about the stress of building and the potential toll it would take on our marriage. Boy were they wrong! Advance Homes made building a home fun, easy and enjoyable! They spent time with us, got to know us, and helped us figure out what we wanted and how to make it happen. They made our decisions very easy. So easy that I would do it again (but we love our home, so no need to)!

– Kara StetsonCustomer

We weren’t in a situation where we could start building before our other home was sold, so Advance Properties hosted us free of charge in one of their rental units until our new home was finished. We were really impressed by that, and it showed us that they are caring people who wanted to do what was best for us.

– Mandy GuyerCustomer

The Advance Homes team takes the time to make the process about you. They make themselves available to answer questions, offer support in decisions and ultimately ensure your satisfaction. The construction process is managed well, and you are involved the entire time. You can tell they are committed to a quality product that you will be more than satisfied with.

– Drew & Cara MillerCustomer

We had never built a home before. We really enjoyed working with the Advance Homes team during the building process. They made it fun and took the stress out of making selections during the process. They never pressured us into making decisions, and they offered assistance whenever we were struggling with a decision or pulling the selections all together.

– Rhonda & Rich FullerCustomer