About Advance Homes

About Us

Since 1953, Advance Homes, Inc. has been the leading home-building company in the Quad Cities. Our mission is to build homes and develop properties so our customers can live the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Our experience is broad and varied, having built more than 3,000 single-family homes in more than 25 subdivisions. We understand what makes a house a home, and we take pride in offering the very best in all we do. Our experience isn’t limited only to single-family dwellings. We have also built over 1,000 multi-family units in the Quad City area, Peoria, Illinois, and Ft. Myers, Florida.

Advance Homes, Inc. follows the philosophy of our founder, the late Mr. Allen V. Seitz. Allen believed in maintaining the highest value of land and the homes built there. Allen’s son, Jeff Seitz, and his two sons, Andrew and Adam, now carry on the legacy of quality and craftsmanship that Allen fostered.

Advance Homes

Advance Homes is the custom home division of Advance Homes, Inc. Our expertise lies in working closely with our customers and supervising the finest sub-contractors in the area. We employ highly skilled professionals for each area of construction and coordinate every facet of a building project, including job site supervision, quality control, warranty issues and material selections. Advance Homes provides a seamless process to ensure a beautiful, expertly built home that you can be proud of and depend on for years of comfort and satisfaction.

Advance Properties

Advance Properties is the rental division of Advance Homes, Inc., locally owned and operated since 1953. The tradition of family-operated housing still endures, with Allen’s grandson Adam Seitz leading the daily management of the company. Our goals are to serve our residents’ needs and offer the best housing in the area. By providing our residents with more amenities and quality service, we strive to build lasting relationships. With seven centrally located communities in the Quad Cities and Peoria, Illinois, we are proud to offer tailored living for every lifestyle.


We had never built a home before. We really enjoyed working with the Advance Homes team during the building process. They made it fun and took the stress out of making selections during the process. They never pressured us into making decisions, and they offered assistance whenever we were struggling with a decision or pulling the selections all together.

– Rhonda & Rich Fuller